Monday, May 12, 2014

Rachel Nichols Kershaw

Vancouver, British Columbia

I first thought I was steering off course with this post but later realized that food is an integral part of my friendships and family. Rachel Nichols does not work in food or agriculture but has been a gastronomic partner in crime for the past two decades. We share a love of toile, oysters, and just a hint of decadence. Our friendship began through our dear dads who were on the board together at the Kennebec Valley YMCA. We spent summer afternoons at Camp KV barbeques eating hot dogs and canoeing on Maranacook Lake in Maine. In high school Rachel worked at the local Dairy Queen and I would often meet her to get in on her shift meal at the end of the night.  I still have strange dreams about the Mud Pie Blizzards and occasionally find myself unsuccessfully trying to recreate them at fro yo shops in California.

Our paths could not be more different with Rachel starring in movies like GI Joe and Conan the Barbarian and me in agriculture attempting hopelessly to sell people quality olive oil and fix school lunch. Despite this difference we come together at least once a year to share food, wine, and friendship. She is one of my favorite dining partners and I was lucky to have her at my French Laundry table.

Currently Rachel is starring in Continuum, a politically charged sci-fi series airing on the Canadian Showcase network. I am not a science fiction fan but was hooked after the first episode.  I spent a wonderful weekend with Rachel in Vancouver along with her gem of a fiancĂ©e, Michael, eating delicious food, drinking wine, and taking in the sites from a recent transplant and a native.

Rachel prides herself in not being much of a cook so I proposed a disorganized undocumented rose tasting, as it is a wine that binds our friendship.


What are the top three items always in your fridge or pantry? 
I don’t cook a lot but we always have mustard, truffle honey and bottled water.

Do you have a go to meal you prepare at home?
Again, I am not really a cook but I can make very good lasagna and very good quiche. My husband’s mother bought me cooking lessons for Christmas so who knows maybe I will learn to make something better.

Best most recent meal?
Last night Michael cooked halibut on the grill with salsa verde and asparagus.

Favorite shoes?
I bought a pretty sweet pair of Valentino flats a few days ago. I love Valentino and I love flats. I do not wear heels. I am tall enough.

Did you have a mentor? If so who and why? 
I have had a variety of acting coaches over the years and they have all contributed wonderful things to my life.

How does being from Maine influence your style?
My style is completely antithetical to everything I grew up with. I do not wear wool socks or Birkenstocks or jeans that are too big anymore. Perhaps it taught me how to be fashionable through what unfashionable was?

If your style is antithetical to Maine then what is your personal style?
When I go to work at 5 AM in the morning I wear sweatpants and sweatshirts as I go to hair and makeup before shooting. The remainder of the time I wear t-shirts and “shitty jeans” as my husband would call them. I do also like skinny jeans, a great pair of flats, and a sweater.

No one on Continuum seems to eat. Hypothetically what would Kiera eat?
The medical examiner is eating in every scene. Kiera does not have super healthy eating habits but she is kicking ass all the time so she eats what she wants!

 By the way Rachel is getting married this fall and she is a little excited about it.


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